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Traveling on Greenways [ Cycle route ]

Green trails Greenways make environment more pleasure and improve a mobility of population of many European and American towns. They are an opportunity for recreation and active holiday as well.

Are you looking for a real experience from holiday?

Visit Greenways Travel Club

Greenways Travel Club (GTC) is a travel agency providing services on Greenways in the Central Europe. The main products of GTC are Greenways Prague - Vienna, Amber Trail Greenway from Krakov to Vienna and stay at Moravian wine trails.

GTC offers complete services including choice of route, reserving of accommodation, transport, cycle rent, guide, luggage transport and other required services. A made-to-measure holiday prepars the office for individual prospective buyers of small and bigger groups.

GTC subscribes with the amount of 12 % from its financial turnover to the development of programm of Green trails Greenways. The programm is regulated by the Partnership Foundation , that divides the
financial funds into projects for environmental protection. The receivers of foundation funds are non-profit-making organizations taking care of cultural natural heritage and building up new Green trails. Tourists using services of GTC have a possibility to visit some of these projects and to familiarize themselves with the activity of non-profit-making organizations. GTC and the Partnership Foundation contribute to the support of citizen activities and to development of environmental friendly tourism along Greenways.

Are you planning a trip to Green trails Greenways on your own?

Do you want to plan a one-day trip, weekend of holiday on Greenways yourselves?
  1. Look for informations about concrete Greenways on their Websites. You will find here:
    • description of trails
    • reccommended trips
    • database of tourist destinations and services along trails
    • informations about background
  2. Get youselves maps and information materials in our small shop Greenways.
  3. With requirements of accommodation and securing of other services contact Tourist information centres along trails (contacts are in the database of tourist destinations and services)
Do you want to visit Greenways abroad?
  1. Familiarize with projects of Greenways through internet. Websites of many trails are to be found on Websites
  2. From the best Greenways in Europe we reccommend you:

    In Spain the Spanish Railways Foundation operates more than 60 green trails Vias Verdes serving to cyclists, hikers, horse-riders and other users. Trails originated so far in the third of 7.000 km lonely railway routes in this country. Along green trails the former railway stations are adaptated into hotels and pensions, restaurants or information centres. Vias Verdes interweave territory of the whole Spain and make the territories not damaged by mass tourism accessible. They offer an unique possibility of combination of active and learning tourism connected with sightseeing of historical places and unforgottable sceneries.

    The Spanish Railways Foundation issues guides of Spanish green trails Guía de Vias Verdes, with suggested trails of trips, trail profiles, maps etc. (for the present only in Spanish), booklets of indivudual green trails are to be got in local information centres. To most of green trails you get even by train. More informations about green trails in Spain you get on Websites:

    Independent network of quite roads RAVeL (Réseau Autonome de Voies Lentes) in Belguim is a project of Walloon government and organization Chemins du Rail. The aim of project is conservation and change of former railway routes for hiders, cyclists, horse-riders or in-line skaters, therefore unpowered transport.
    Websites contain maps and itineraryies of individual trails (RAVeL 1-4), which connect the whole territory of Walloon region. Here we can order individual guides and maps and learn about news on the trails RAVeL.

    Great Britain
    In Great Britain nowadays is built the National Cycle Network (The National Cycle Network) of trails for cyclists and hikers, that should include after its finishing in 2005 about 10,000 miles. Approximately one third of this network is lead on the trails determinated for unpowered transport, the rest is lead on the roads with lower frequence of traffic. The supporter of project is organization Sustrans (abbreviation for sustainable transport), the whole project is financed by national government and local administration, foundations, enterpreneurs and from the proceeds of national lottery.

    To the most important projects belongs for example trail from cost to cost (C2C). Sustrans issues maps, guides and other publications, that you can order through

  3. More about Greenway in the world you learn:
Write us to Greenways forum or Your experiences and information from travelling on Greenways we like to transmit to all other clients.


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