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Adopt Greenway [ Cycle route ]

A programm Adopt Greenway is a challenge for organizations, firms and individuals to takeover a voluntary care of concrete section of the Green trails. Contribute even you to cleanness, safety and total care of the trail, become a protector, partner or sponsor of your Greenway. Send visiters of trail a word about yourselves and contribute to their strain.

What does it mean to adopt Greenway

It means to strike a bargain with the administrator or owner of Green trail on cooperation for securing a care of the trail in certain, exactly defined, section and takeover of agreed obligations.

Who can adopt Greenway and what does he gain of it

To adopt Greenway can any organization, association or individual, that engages himself to devote his free time, material support or finance for securing maintaining or development of the trail. He helps so to ensure first of all a safeness, cleanness and maintanance of the trail. The basic forms of help can be for example:
  • Control of marking, announcement of defects, eventually its maintanance
  • Regular spring and autumn clean-up (beginning and end of season)
  • Flower planting along the trail, weeding and potting
  • Installation of bird tables, signboards for information about activities on the trail (after adjustment of the administrator of trail)
  • Smaller landscape adjustments along the trail
  • Removing of grafitti etc.
An adopting organization and persons are, if they agree, published on the information boards in terrain and on Websites of the trail. This publishing can have a form of company advertisiment of promotion of concrete organization. By adopting Greenway you help to beautify the surroundings of trails in villages as well as to the landscape and through your sample to lead people to voluntary care of environment.

Forms of adoption of Greenway

Each can adopt his section of Greenway according to his possibilities. Settlements on adoption are closed with the organization responsible for the whole trail and it defines the obligations and a way of cooperation of both the contractors. Basic forms of adopting Greenway are:

Protector of Greenways - suitable for individual persons, sports clubs, schools, youth clubs etc. The protector obliges himself to regular control of fiduciary section, monitoring of marking quality, damage of trail surface and to initiative during their removing. Recognized defects and suggestions they resign to the manager of trail, who ensures their removing.

Partner of Greenways - suitable for organizations, firms and individuals, who can ensure technical and material facilities to maintainance and improving of the state of certain trail section. It means granting of needed technic, tools, labour forces and materials. The partner ensures so all the care of his Greenway. A value of provided services and materials is a present and can be deducted from the tax base of the donator.

Sponsor of Greenways - suitable for firms and institutions able to financial contribute to ensuring of mantanance, development and propagation of certain section of Greenway. The sponsor provides regularly, once a year financial resources on the account of organization ensuring development of the whole trail. Using of these resources is evidentiarly documented to the donator, who can deduct them from the tax base as a present.

How to apply for adoption of Greenway?

Do you live near to Green trail or do you have your favourite and often visited section of any Greenway? Do you want to help with maintanance of good state of this part of Greenway of do you have ideas for its innovation?

Find out on these Websites the organization responsible for the whole trail or turn to managers of programm Greenways in Brno's and Prague's office of the Partnership Foundation. Both the ways lead you to manager of appropriate Greenway, who offers you an appointment and conclusion of an agreement on cooperation.

Which section of Greenway have already been adopted?

The Programm Adopt Greenway is in the Czech republic at the beginning. For most of sections of Green trails/Greenways are so far responsible municipalities, eventually associations of municipalities appropriate according to the land register. In many cases however the municipalities don't execute this duty. A partial responsibility (only for the state of marks) bears the Czech Tourists' Club.

As good samples can be designated Association of Cycle Trail Brno-Vienna. The member municipalities of this association annually invest in maintanance and improving of infrastructure of trail, improving of information systems and support of tourism in wide skyline along the trail.

Negotiation of real adoption of Greenways proceeds in the region of Znojmo's Wine Trails with Cycle Club Kučera. Cycle club should overtake a role of organization responsible for development of trail, i. e. most of all to ensure a coverage of Greenways routes in the length of 220 km with the function of Protectors.

How else to help to Green trails Greenways?

Do you like to go on Green trails? Would you like to help, but you have no possibility to adopt your Greenway? There is a few other suggestions:
  • do you know anybody, who can adopt Greenway? Give him an advice what he can do for trail
  • did you have on Greenways a nice experience? Write us, write to newspapers, addres your deputies with aks to support more projects of Greenways in your surroundings and in the Czech republic in general
  • have you got nice photographs or videorecording from Greenways? Send them to us, we use them to propagate
  • invite to the trail Your kiths and friends. Send us whatever idea for improving of Green trail
  • share your experiences and opinions through our discuss forum
Do you want to consult?

Do you want to know where leads the nearest Green trail Greenway?

Are you interested in experiences with Adoption of Greenways in our country and abroad?

You don't know, who is the responsible organization for the whole trail?

Do you want a direct contact to manager of trail?


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